I Believe I Can Fly

Friday, 16 December 2011
never replace at 13:21

I'm still dreaming and keep dreaming. 
All i do in the past is a big mistake for me.
i'm sorry that i keep asking you to be by my side. 
i really don't mean it.
i'm still hoping and wishing that one day's
you will look me 
for once

mistake at 13:13

hai all!

Firstly, wanie wanna ask applogize sebab wanie buat blog baru lagi. email and pasword blog lama tu wanie dah lupa. maklum lah bukannya benda tu jea wanie kena hafal kan? banyak lagi perkara yang perlu wanie ingat and buat. i'm so sorry freinds.

keyh bai. cheers to read all :)

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